Learning Paths Feature

This workflow solutions allowed users to create a “Learning Path” which allowed them to group various courses together in order to study a boarder topic.  Users would create a learning path by clicking the + symbol in the learning paths bar, or search for existing learning paths using the search bar below.  Once a learning path is opened on the right side of the screen, users would then search for video titles to add to the learning path.  Using a topic name such as “Photoshop” users would be presented with all videos with photoshop in the title.  Then can then drag these videos into a Learning Path, and compile and sort videos they felt would help students in a learning goal.

Learning Path Names can by edited by simply clicking on the path’s name, and sub paths can be created using “New Sub-Path” in the upper right hand corner of the learning path title bar.  This area also includes icons to collapse subpaths for easier viewing, and well as close or hide the exiting Learning Path.

Below is a demonstration of this workflow.  To see the full demo in web context, click here.

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