Salem Chamber Orchestra – Brahms Requiem

Client need:

Salem Chamber Orchestra needed a marketing campaign for their upcoming show of Brahms Requiem – Master Series III.   Because this show features multiple guests artists, as well as the Willamette Master Chorus, SCO needed a strong visual element that showcased all the talent to be on stage for that evening.  There are also multiple events included with the main event, and that required a great amount of content to be available in a relatively small print area.   If the design was too heavy on the content, it wouldn’t be visually appealing from a distance, and there is less chance of user engagement with a deign dominated with text.


With a striking Bass outline indicating a string section as well a conductor the Chamber Orchestra is well represented.  Containing that imagery to a single area, and then allowing the image of a chorus to flow behind the image, we accomplished a visual representation of the co-existance of the two groups.  Since music is based on motion and movement,  we created flowing graphical elements that lead the viewers eye around the design to emphasize the great musicianship on stage.

The text was then set in accordance with informative hierarchy, and associated events where placed at the bottom of the page to offset these from the main event. In the end, we conveyed a striking visual display that reflects the power of Brahms Requiem as well fitting all the important textual content is an elegant, eye catching design.


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SCO Brahms Requiem 2014