Infinitive Data

Client need:

A business software company located in Eugene, Oregon was looking for a logo that branded them as business centered, concise, and professional organization.  They requested a clean design, based on modern flat styling, that was easily readable, and easily recognizable.


We created a circle ‘i’ logo, that is somewhat representative of the common “info” button, but with the branded “i” from a typewriter font associated with a business setting.  This was clean and simple, but without being too stale, and overused.  It allows them to maintain a professional look, and keep update with modern design concepts, but also provides character, and not a copy of the typical sans-serif font found in a lot contemporary logo designs.  Having very open kerning, with bold font for the logo enhances its readability, and sets it apart from the lighter type style used in the sub-text for the business card design.


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Inifinitive data - Logo