A study and practice in the creation of web sites. Students will approach web
design from both an aesthetic and technical perspective and will employ standards-based practices
in the design and development of sites using modern tool sets and languages.


This course is intended to provide the knowledge and skill necessary to design, code and publish professional websites using the most modern techniques, languages and tools available. Web development is a fast growing and ever changing field. This requires web developers to understand the foundations of web development technology as well as staying current with new programming, design, and execution strategies that are being developed and used in the future. Because the ever changing nature of this industry there will be an emphasis on self learning, discovery, and experimentation. Students need to develop a strong work ethic and intrinsic motivation for development of the final project. The end goal of this course is to provide you with an online presence that can be used as an example of your work, or as your own online portfolio, with the express intent of career development after graduation


Students will be able to execute the design, planning and development of a professional website.