Credits: 4.5

Hours: 56 (34 Theory Hours, 22 Lab Hours)

Prerequisites: None.


This course emphasizes the materials and processes used in manufacturing and construction. Students are introduced to a variety of construction and manufacturing materials, machine tools and tooling used in a variety of processes. Emphasis is placed on terminology and function.


Identify the basic mechanical behavior and properties of metals. Choose material selections on the basis of mechanical and physical properties. Relate the means by which elastomeric materials are derived. Explain how molten steel is formed into industrial shapes. Describe how metal powders are produced. Define the principles of material removal and the basic mechanics of machining. Choose a joining technology that is best suited to a given application. Identify common methods of processing plastics and composites. Define the purpose and intent of quality control and quality assurance. Describe the relationships among tolerance, precision, and resolution and select inspection methods and equipment. 11. Select appropriate materials and processes for manufacturing and construction projects. 12. Describe the basic practices and impact of green manufacturing.

Course Outcomes



Bruce, R. G., Dalton, W. K., Neely, J. E., & Kibbe, R. R. (2010). Modern materials and manufacturing processes . (Custom ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.


Unit 1 - Properties of Materials Unit 2 - Selection and Extraction of Materials Unit 3 - Design Specifications Unit 4 - Processing of Metals Unit 5 - Machining Processes Unit 6 - Machining and Joining Unit 7 - Plastics and Composites Unit 8 - Measurement and Quality Unit 9 - Manufacturing Systems Unit 10 - Green design and construction materials Unit 11 - Review and Final exam