Provides students the opportunity to apply their advanced knowledge of interactive
media to the planning and design of a major project. Using industry-standard project management
methodologies, students develop a complete specification to define an interactive solution for an
external client.

Prerequisites: Students should have a solid understanding of: • Basic computer literacy • HTML Markup • CSS


Project management is an ever increasing skill that helps teams become more effective and efficient in their work duties. It simplifies communication with clients and is a vital tool for small and large scale projects where budgets, deadlines, and team environments need to be carefully managed to guarantee a successful outcome.


Students will be able to create a project proposal / brief that describes the needs and solutions for a client based project.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course students should be able to: • Explain, describe and contrast the differences between waterfall development and agile development. • Evaluate potential clients and determine the scope of a job request • Communicate clearly and effectively the needs of a client and the technical requirements needed to deliver a project based on those needs. • Demonstrate an ability to schedule and manage time resources for team members. • Determine the proper development style that is most likely to succeed given a particular project • Produce a project proposal/brief and present it to a client for approval. • Create a Gantt chart that clearly defines all the tasks, timelines, and resources available to complete the project.


(a) Required text: 1. Interactive Project Management – Pixels, People, and Process by Nancy Lyons and Meghan Wilker; New Riders, 2012. ISBN: 978-0-321-81515-6. 2. The Scrum Field Guide – Practical Advice for Your First Year – by Mitch Lacey; Addison- Wesley; 2012; ISBN: 978-0-321-55415-4 (b) Moodle documents: 1. Project Life Cycles and Success 2. Understanding Agile Project Methodology 3. Standish Group: Extreme Chaos 4. Chaos Manifesto 2013 (excerpt) 5. Pyramid Brewing Case Study 6. Developing Web Personas – 7. Web User Profile – 8. Current Faculty Persona 9. Education Foundation of Forest Grove – Solution Definition VII. Grading