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Lang Schwartzwald started his career in the graphic design industry 1999 – 2004 while working at Sign Pro, Eugene, OR. His ability to accurately translate a client’s wishes into design quickly developed his freelance career, adding over 100 additional clientele. His reputation gained him referrals and prompted many freelance commissions. Some of his most reputable clients include Philip Foster Farm, Linda.com, Salem Chamber Orchestra, Skanska, and collaborated clients for the Oregon Bureau of Land Management.

The success of Lang Schwartzwald’s graphic design immediately gained the trust of his clients for web design and marketing graphics. Lang’s initial web designs used HTML and Flash but developed into content management such as; PHP and WordPress development. Furthermore, he has included Javascript / JQuery, CSS3 and D3 (interactive data driven documents) with great success. Lang Schwartzwald continues to challenge himself and provide excellence in graphic design by pursuing larger graphic design projects.

Additionally, Lang has been teaching ‘Rapid Visualization’ and ‘Introduction To Programming’ at ITT Tech in Salem, OR. He enjoys the opportunity to interact with students because they regularly expose new perspectives and creative processes.  Lang continues to develop a broader perspective on web art and design through the act of teaching.


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